Thursday, July 11, 2013

Grandkids | Indianapolis Children's Photographer

Last month I had the great pleasure of doing a grandchildren session for a dear friend of mine.  The idea was to get some great shots of her two kids and niece to present as a gift to their grandparents.  We met up at her lake house for the shoot and I was instantly in love with the colors and scenery!  These three kiddos were a blast to spend time with... full of energy, spunk, and silliness.

The older two definitely loved eachother!  I asked them to hug and got a full-on tackle :)

Wiley loved showing me his goofiest faces, but we were able to get some really sweet smiles too.

Addison was so poised for her age, even if we did have to tame those gorgeous golden locks several times.

And then there was Alida.  She really made me work for it!  Though I did finally score a smile, I think my favorite photo of the whole session is this one!  Oh the red hair, the pouty lip, the flushed cheeks *swoon*!

These 3 share a bond that is so special.  I was so happy to have the chance to capture that love!!!

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