Meet the Artist:

Ardea Photo's photographer is Andrea Moberly. Andrea lives on Indy's west side with her amazing husband of 20 years, Matt; 3 beautiful children, Jei, Anna, and Alex; and a multitude of furry friends.  She love board games, chocolate, cool weather, hiking, crafting, reading, sweaters, coffee, long chats with friends and relaxing around a campfire; not necessarily in that order!

Andrea was born and raised on the west side of Indianapolis in a small, once rural town.  During her formative years of life she spent many hours immersed in nature.  Whether it was taking walks in the woods with her mom and learning the different varieties of trees in the area; looking for mushrooms after a good April rain; or whiling away an afternoon building rafts with her siblings out of sycamore bark and moss to send down the creek in the back yard; Andrea's love for the natural world and a desire to capture its beauty is what drove her to pursue photography.  She had cheap little cameras as a child and  would try in vain to photograph a scene the way she saw it in her head.  Unfortunately, Andrea was never able to make it happen, and her passion and desire for photography waned.  She really didn't dabble in photography again until she became a mother in 2003.  It was then, watching her children age before her eyes, that she turned my attention to capturing all the details of their quickly changing personalities.  And, again, as she embarked on the adventure of becoming a small business owner in 2005, Andrea found photography to be an excellent marketing and sales tool.  In 2009 she began to take photography seriously: buying proper equipment, getting trained in how to use her gear, and practicing (a lot!).  As time has gone on she am finally able to capture the world as she see it.  Andrea's desire is to show everyone she comes into contact with that, from the smallest detail to the big picture, there is beauty all around us.

What's in a name?

Why Ardea?  What does it mean?  Its actually quite simple.  Andrea's favorite creature is the Great Blue Heron.  She love their grace, quiet beauty, and strength.  To her they are a symbol of hope; and hope is what she wants to share with everyone she meets.  So when Andrea began to search for just the right name for my photography business she knew they would factor in somehow.  The word Ardea refers to the genus of the Great Heron.  Andrea loves the simplicity and melody of the word.  When she stumbled upon it, Ardea Photo was born!

*Photo credit for photo of Andrea goes to Micah Bell Photography